Forgive us for momentarily straying from our sartorial focus, but c’mon, how could we not bring you the following news? Here’s all you need to know: Today at 12:00 noon ET, you can buy a brand-new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta, right here, for under $6,000. That’s $10K off the sticker price; and no, this isn’t some cynically-stripped-down version. It’s a full-on 2.5L, 5-cylinder automatic equipped with SIRIUS® Satellite radio, and you can get it in one of six different colors.

Today’s sale comes with a little bit of a catch: There’s only one car. And you can only buy it via Gilt’s iPhone, iPad, Android, or Mobile Web apps. But, we’ll have two more Jettas available—one tomorrow, and one Friday—and each of those will be available through now-antiquated methods of standard internet browser access. Remember, only one car a day…So come early and keep that refresh button handy.

2011 Volkswagen Jetta, on sale today at Noon ET on Gilt.

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  1. Boris says:

    It was gone less then in a Second kind of weird :((

  2. Mona says:

    Unfair to slow connectors!

  3. Hemanth says:

    I believe that Gilt just jumped the shark….

  4. Yury says:

    Seems very shady, when you load the site both remaining cars show sold out. I have scrint print shot to prove it. I doubt anybody even gets a chance to buy these cars. What a bunch of BS and marketing trickery.

  5. Yury says:

    I would like to hear from 3 ppl who get to buy these cars. I don’t think they exist. All this is scam, or it’s already decided who gets the car.

  6. Carl says:

    are you announcing the buyers?

  7. Boris says:

    This is a scam should have been an auction at least would raise more money for charity. I am quiting Guilt after this VW is going to get negative feed back from thousands of potential buyers!!

  8. J says:

    yeh, clearly a scam to get users to sign-up for gilt, and for gilt users to check out the jetta. this is trickery at its finest…

  9. Annie says:

    it was gone before it even went public, the masses did not even have a chance, GILT!

  10. Annie says:

    We, the masses, never had a chance to even click BUY for this 2011 VW Jetta! All the Gilt staffers had first dibs!

  11. Joffre says:

    Seriously, something is weird about this whole thing. I think the scripting on the website and of the clocks is part of the problem. I’m assuming those countdown clocks are all synchronized across the entire U.S…. o.O

    I mean assuming you DO win, what should we look out for? Will it clearly say something like ‘You Won!’ ?

  12. Anwuli says:

    Very disappointed, I don’t think any of us had a real chance of getting the car. It was sold out unreasonably fast. I would really like to hear from the buyers; lets know if they bought the car the same way we all attempted to do so.

  13. Shannon says:

    It was such a great idea but pulled off terribly…. was it the first person who clicked “buy” or was it given to someone randomly or a wait list thing?

    Gilt you should have the rules up here as to how you selected the buyer.

  14. diazmono says:

    I going to make sure that everyone I know hears about how F**& UP this site is. SCAM

  15. Jina says:

    i won the car…and im not a guilt member staff…guess i just got extremely lucky?

  16. Roman says:

    @Jina did you really? No offense, it’s the internet :) Do you have a screenshot or something to prove it?

  17. Kurt says:

    Get real…. would the winner be reading these comments after winning. No, only the people who didn’t win…AND take the time to say “oh, by the way I won?”. Please.

  18. Abhishek says:

    This is fishy….Just another marketing strategy folks.
    There never was a promotion i guess.
    But fun to look at the clock ticking none the less :-)

  19. Abhishek says:

    BS at its best.
    As ridiculous as it gets

  20. Michael says:

    AutoTrader says this:

    Car #1 was a woman from San Francisco was lightning-quick with her fingers on her Apple iPad. The timestamp on the sale was actually 12:00:00. The whole transaction took just four minutes and 48 seconds.

    Car #2 was a woman in Brooklyn and her Apple iPhone. She snagged a Jetta in 253 milliseconds. It’s said that the blink of a human eye takes 300 to 400 milliseconds. Her transaction took only 27 seconds in total.

    CAr #3 was the relatively sluggish responses of a man in San Jose, California, took a whole second to snatch up the remaining car. At least he beat a record amount of online traffic going to the Gilt site.

  21. null says:

    The incentive for the wait list better be nice or this whole thing is scam.

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