Elementary, My Dear Watson

For the last two months or so, one question has dogged the fashion editors, bloggers, filmmakers, and personalities who make up the world of menswear. Okay, so maybe dogged is a little bit of an overstatement; let’s just say it’s been a prominent point of speculation at press previews and dinners. That question: Who’s the anonymous mastermind behind the F*ckYeahMenswear Tumblr. Its all-knowing, poetic voice has everyone in the industry tossing accusations left and right, sparking a sort of menswear McCarthyism. Problem is, everyone wishes they thought of it (including, ahem, me), so accusation’s taken on the form of flattery.

Despite the rumors and conversations, no one’s really gone on record to venture a guess as to who they think he or she is (hint: it’s a woman). All that stops now. We’re going on record. This morning, our style director Josh Peskowitz pointed us in the direction of the J. Peterman Company catalog, and its eyebrow-raising product text. Yes, that text, and that brand, parodied by Seinfeld for a decade. Specifically, this entry, which describes the tale of a herringbone caped coat straight out of the dreams of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (eerily appropriate). The tone? Syntax? Pentameter? We’ve seen it all before.

F*ckYeahMenswear, we’ve found you.

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  1. Marcus says:

    you guys got mentioned in his latest post, but he denied that he writes for the J. Peterman catalogue.

  2. Elle says:

    So what you’re saying is, it’s Elaine Benes.

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