As we went into the appalling economic downturn in late 2008, men became understandably nervous. Even teenage guys started wearing suits and ties. The Gap casual Friday breeziness of 2000-2007 died overnight. The khaki revolution was consigned to—if not the dustbin—then the attic.

So, how should men dress as the markets start, cautiously and sporadically, to recover?

Well, the three-piece suit has some life in it. Wear one arched-eyebrow-ironically, effortlessly. Think Tom Wolfe, the Bee Gees, Gay Talese.

Personally, I will be Mr. Rogers this winter. Comfy moccasins, a cardigan, a woven tie, and a striped shirt. Fitted corduroy pants. I will be trying to demonstrate a breezy confidence myself.  At the same time, I won’t forget to portray a sensible decency; a reassuring, less-is-more, decorum. I want to reassure myself as much as my clients, friends, and family.

To dress down, I’m feeling the broken-in nostalgic stylings of John Varvatos, of Rag & Bone, of Trovata. And hello, Billy Reid.

It’s been a hell of a two years, but it’s time to look forward now, with well-tailored, quietly luxurious fabrics. I need a new wardrobe, at the right price. Anyone know where one might go to find such a thing?

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