Going Brogue

Brogues aren’t exactly in short order these days; supply has definitely caught up with demand. A good bet when choice becomes overwhelming is to take things back to the start. Tricker’s is an English shoemaker based in Northampton that originated in the aftermath of the War of 1812. In other words, a really long time ago. Since then they’ve been making shoes for dukes, kings, prime ministers, and princes (they are in fact the shoemaker for His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, a distinction we find far more prestigious than, say, the official airline of Major League Baseball). The one problem with Tricker’s heritage hometown love is that new-world expansion hasn’t really been a priority, meaning it’s tough to get a pair stateside. Well, Nepenthes in the Garment District of Manhattan is one place you actually can find them—specifically, the fruits of the Tricker’s for Engineered Garments program. This is the second offering from the collaboration, and consists of four ornately-designed brogues. The peacock in you might lean towards the brown multi-tone version, but the black version (above) sets your feet apart without heading too far into clown territory. And if you happen to find yourself in London, head to Tricker’s Jermyn Street store for quite possibly the best bespoke footwear in the world.

[Nepenthes Blog]

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