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Putting Jake Davis to the Test

Photo: Culture Shoq

One of the many perks of working in men’s fashion: proximity to the industry’s great minds, and a chance to gain perspective and insight into the wildly creative energy that makes it all tick. And speaking of wildly creative energy, no one’s built up a head full of steam in recent years quite like Jake Davis, a guy I’m pleased to have the opportunity to interview at the Apple Store in SoHo this Friday night. For those of you who haven’t visited a men’s style blog over the past three years, Jake is a prolific director of music videos and short web films, including the now-iconic Test Shots series, the czar of his own influential blog, and a man of style in his own right (you should’ve seen the fur-lined black leather hat I spotted him wearing outside The Bowery Hotel earlier this week—cold-weather accessorizing done right). He’s also our newest Gilt MAN contributor. (Don’t miss his debut Gilt Test Shot, which premiered this week on the Gilt MAN Facebook page.) On Friday, he’ll be screening a selection of pieces spanning his career—including one never-before-seen Test Shot, the subject of which I’m not at liberty to reveal—and discussing everything from the intersection of art and commerce to his weirdest interaction with a fan (or, at least, I’ll be trying to pull those lurid details out of him). Would Jake and the men behind Gilt MAN like to see you there? Yes, we would. We’ll have a photographer on hand to capture the evening’s most stylish audience members, so show up looking your sharpest.

An Intersection of Style with filmmaker Jake Davis: Friday, December 10, 7 p.m. Apple Store, SoHo, 103 Prince Street, N.Y.C.

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