Sticking Our Necks Out

There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, when turtlenecks brought to mind only terrible visions. Nary a sugar plum in sight. Steve Jobs’s mock version and neutered middle-aged men wearing Christmas sweaters and cotton T-necks huddled in corners talking routes to work and, to varying degrees of interest, baseball, come to mind. So yes, a bit of a stigma exists, besides the feeling of being slowly strangled by fabric. But take a step back and there appears a storied history to the turtleneck. There was nothing neutered about Huey Newton or Jim Brown and their leather jackets and turtlenecks. And if it’s good enough for Ralph Lauren then it should be good enough for us, right? Yes, unequivocally. But the look remains wrought with potential pitfalls. Firstly, there should be nothing mock about anything you wear, including turtlenecks. Heft is important; think rugged sailor. Actually, think Freemans Sporting Club’s Mariner sweater. This shetland lambswool/cashmere blend nails the longshoreman look and retains the item’s functionality. Meaning it’ll keep you warm.


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