The Birth of Ovadia & Sons

Launching a menswear line, or anything really, in the midst of the current economic climate usually elicits the kind of response best described as skeptical encouragement. You know, “Really? Wow, well, good luck.” Some burgeoning designers have resorted to capsule collections or sneaking in a cheaper fabric here and there. Not Ariel and Shimon Ovadia. The New York-bred twins’ line, Ovadia & Sons, debuts with their spring/summer 2011 collection, and neither breadth or depth has been compromised. It’s a rich collection of classic suits that have found a Simon Spurr-like balance between young and old, wide and narrow. The collection reaches into the influences of nautical, trad Americana while actually using the fabrics that made these things timeless in the first place. No shortcuts in sight, no false trend-hopping. We stumbled upon these perfect, wide-lapeled, double-breasted suits after our eyes were fixated on what might be the coolest tie we’ve seen, featuring a navy and red zig-zag pattern. Price points aren’t at your usual first collection levels; but with ties commissioned from Drakes and suits sourced from Italy and Japan, we’re willing to go for broke.

Bonus points go to the Ovadia brothers for crafting quite the brand Tumblr, not your average shill.

(How to Talk to Girls at Parties)

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