It's a Thing

The Return of the Polka Dot

We are seeing spots. Small ones, and lots of them.

William Petersen knows: Gradiated shades + polka-dot scarf + "Iron Mike" Webster jersey = total badass.

Every so often you’ll have a conversation that inspires you to see what you were just discussing—felt hats, women wearing wingtips, mimes—virtually everywhere. It happened to me a couple weeks ago after a bull session in which a very stylish and discerning British friend of mine was extolling the virtues of the polka dot-equipped navy silk scarf. (The fact that I have grown up into a man who has conversations with friends about scarves is a matter for me and my therapist.) Suddenly, I was seeing tiny white dots all over the place: on pocket squares, on neckties, on dress shirts—even on the scarf that William Petersen paired, amazingly, with a Steelers jersey in To Live and Die in L.A., which somehow found its way onto my DVR recently.

But it wasn’t until I spotted (ahem!) GQ’s own Style Guy, Glenn O’Brien, rocking the little white dots at Gilt’s Art Basel dinner last week that I knew it was, officially, “a thing.” Glenn’s version: a very sharp-looking midnight blue shirt from Agnès B that was elegantly festooned with hundreds, or maybe thousands, of little white pin-pricks. l looked down at my necktie—navy blue, white polka dots—and thought to myself: hmm, I wonder how this would look with that shirt…

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