The Sun Never Sets

If you happen to live well south of the Mason-Dixon, or westward enough that it holds no historical relevance, then you’re probably unaware that the rest of us are braving some pretty ridiculous arctic mercury levels. The frozen tundra of concrete, and that biting wind that slaps you in the face and embeds itself for half a year need to be combated with something heavy-duty. One of the better options is the outerwear offered by Nigel Cabourn. The English designer bases much of his outerwear on classic British naval pieces, which is good for you…because the North Sea ain’t warm. This particular item is from Cabourn’s “Saving Britain” collection, which honors the strong tradition of English maritime adventures. Double-breasted and cut to an naval officer’s length, each detail is designed to keep extreme cold out (wood and rope duffel fastening, oversized pockets) while maintaining Cabourn’s strictly tailored aesthetics (assisted by a full waist rope fastening). The ultimate land-dwellers coat upgrade that’ll work for your more Melvillian pursuits as well.

[End Clothing]

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