A Separate Piece

The classiest, most elegant cutting utensils outside of Fleet Street.

Baxter of California's straight razor for gun nuts.

Blackbird's Field House knife; for those blade enthusiasts worried about their luck.

While we wouldn’t go so far as to up and endorse packing heat, it’s probably not a bad idea to have a blade handy at times. No, not on the subway or in the deli. More like on that camping trip or, you know, when shaving. Utility is key. Also, staying not incarcerated is a bonus. Yes, we love the iconic red, multi-functionality of the Swiss Army brand and the ever increasing blade race among razor companies, but a change of pace is a nice touch. Two, um, sharp new blades hit the internets today; one for your face and one for those more rugged activities. For a blade attuned to more everyday, urban pursuits, Baxter of California has crafted a firearms-inspired straight razor. Matte black and featuring a blue steel blade (hold the Zoolander jokes) made in the USA by Hart Steel, this “Not a Replica” razor comes with a Horween cordovan leather case, but sadly, no bandages. For use only by those equipped with a knowledge of the straight razor.

Seattle’s Field House, a general store run by one of the best retail destinations in North America, Blackbird, has released a sleek bone-handled pocket knife complete with a Sacajawea dollar coin to offset the bad luck of giving a knife as a present. It supposedly severs the friendship. Quite literal for an old wives’ tale.

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