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The editors of Gilt MANual react to the sartorial state of our union.

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Tyler Thoreson on Barack Obama: What can you say? The man’s tie game is strong as ever. The four-in-hand is artfully done, the silk weave is lacking that typical Geriatric Senator Sheen, and the hue is a bipartisan shade of purple (but—fittingly—still more blue than red).

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Josh Peskowitz on John Boehner: There are so many things to love about Boehner’s look: the perma-tan, the bullet-proof hair…The man is an operator down to the pores. But the thing I dig most is his effort to offset the expense of his suit and the power of his tie with a button-down-collared shirt. Button-downs are the blue collars of white collar, and can absolutely be worn with a suit and tie, but the tie should be a little more conservative. They look incongruous with a pristine dimple in a yard-and-a-half of hot-pink silk. But then again, Obama couldn’t be the only one to make reference to his bar-sweeping days.

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Jared Flint on Joe Biden: Biden had his perfect smirk on full display at the right hand of the Prez. While the orange-tinted man with a proclivity towards tears begrudgingly gave dour claps, smooth Joe held court, pointing out peers, shooting winks (no doubt in Michele Bachmann’s direction), and basically continuing his role as the Vice President of smooth. The Onion had it spot on: Joe just needed a nice glass of Cognac in his hand, and Biden definitely would have been in the building. As for what he was actually wearing, a democratically-leaning repp tie with a dark navy two-button suit, with points for buttoning only one of said buttons. Biden’s a French-cuff man, and had some nice gold spherical links to make up for his serious lack of drink swag.

Andy Comer on Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI): I grant that he may be the GOP’s resident serious policy wonk. But that’s no excuse for a ten-dollar clip-on tie, much less one in alternating shades of baby blue and pale pink.

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