Boots on the Ground: Perfecto for Schott at Nepenthes, NYC

How New York's most stylish guys are navigating the slushy city streets.

Last week, Perfecto Brand by Schott NYC celebrated the opening of its pop-up shop at the Nepenthes store in Manhattan’s Garment District. It just so happened to come on the heels of the latest blizzard to hit the city. We sent Sean Sullivan of The Impossible Cool down with his Canon 7D to capture the fashion crowd’s weather-appropriate (in most cases) footwear choices.

All photos by Sean Sullivan.

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  1. mikael says:

    Wolverine | 1000 Mile | Resoled and beat to hell.

  2. Rich says:

    Marc by Marc galoshes that are falling apart so I had to duct tape the toe area to save my socks from getting wet.

    The fold/tuck in is totally functional, as the upper is too tall and I need to fold them over to be comfortable. Plus it makes me feel like Captain America.

    Also, odd coincidence this was posted, as I bumped into the esteemed Tyler Thoreson earlier in the day.

    – Rich Tu

  3. Teresa says:

    They are often referred to as Mickey mouse boots. They were made for soldiers who had to stand guard in freezing temperatures. I was in 40 below temperatures, in Jackson Hole. Every part of me was cold, but not my feet in those boots.

  4. Tyler Thoreson says:

    Hey Rich, I thought I recognized those duct-taped boots from earlier in the day. Didn’t make the Perfecto event, so I wasn’t sure if they were actually attached to you or someone else. I’ll look for ’em on the train today…

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