Coat of Arms

The slate gray Mackintosh Duncan.

The shortened Gloverall Monty Duffle Coat.

January is a time for many things. The euphoria of fireside holiday cheer is long gone, but the residue of gluttony is often all too prevalent. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom. There’s no doubt you’ve been putting that gym membership to use (finally) and can now squarely focus on the winter sales season. Spring merchandise is on the way and retailers need to clear heavy coats from their shelves. Thankfully, those are currently a necessity for survival in most of North America and will be for quite some time. One place, both online and in the real world, we suggest you hit up is C’H’C’M’. The store, owned and operated by Sweetu Patel, is a small nook of the most useful, essentially-designed apparel around. Two great finds come from two English classics, Gloverall and Mackintosh. Gloverall, who first sold duffel coats to the public (previously only military-issued) in the years after World War II, has shortened the length of their classic ‘Monty’ coat but kept all the original details (wooden toggles, bucket hood, double thick shoulders). And from Mackintosh comes the rubberized cotton, fully waterproof Duncan jacket, in a slate gray that adds a dressed-up air to those rainy days.

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