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Editor's Pick: Bespoken

Despite what you probably saw at the airport last time you traveled, a palpable shift toward formality in menswear has occurred. No, Manhattan hasn’t become a 1930s newsreel of gray flannel suits just yet, but the effort on guys’ parts these days to look a little bit sharper puts a smile on my face. For guys who haven’t considered a suit for anything except Christmas mass or their pal’s wedding, it can be an overwhelming task to jump right into the world of tailored clothes. A nice entry, and a staple in any man’s closet, is the khaki suit. This version, from Bespoken, features all the classic details (three buttons, functioning button cuffs, back center vents) yet in a slimmer, youthful cut—an update on classic Savile Row tailoring. “It’s in the details,” says Paulo Goncalves, who along with his brother Carlos and another cluster of siblings—James, Sam, and Liam Fayed—designs the English line. “It’s the marriage of fine fabrics with timeless construction that has been used for over one hundred years that allows our suits to form to your body. It’s ultimately something that will pass the test of time.” You’ll have to snatch this up piecemeal, as the pants are available separately, here, but for your first suit, khaki or otherwise, it’s well worth the extra clicks.

Bespoken, on sale today at noon on Gilt MAN.

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  1. Alejandro says:

    A true gentleman has style that celebrates the timeless immortally of the classics…

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