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Editor's Pick: Superga 2750 Classic Sneakers

We’ve given boots a lot of love recently, and rightly so (after all, there are several inches of snow on the ground as we’re writing this). But hard as it is to believe, spring’s right around the corner; and with the rising temps will come our penchant for going sockless and wearing canvas sneakers. And no one makes more classic a canvas sneaker than Superga. The Italian brand, founded back in 1925, has been a stalwart of Roman casual-cool for decades. Their simplicity is their appeal. Like Vans Authentics or Converse Chucks (both of which this author wears, a lot) this 2750 Classic is the brand’s original, and most appealing, silhouette. While coming in a wide scope of colors, you could never really go wrong with a white or navy version. Exactly what you’d want in a warm weather canvas shoe: comfort, versatility, and a tendency to look better with age.

Superga, on sale now at Gilt MAN.

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