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Extra, Extra

The alley behind the old CBGB’s, once known for illicit drug use and well, other things, is now home to a taqueria and luxury apartments. But before we set about decrying the anesthetizing effects of gentrification, one storefront on Extra Place does offer a quirkiness that seemingly disappeared from the downtown New York retail scene weeks/months/years ago. The appropriately-named Extra, owned by Koji Kusakabe, is a quaint gallery-like space of odd trinkets, maps, and a solid selection of Post Overalls. The kind of store that’s the norm in Tokyo and an oddity Stateside. Don’t bother going on Tuesdays… Koji closes the store to go out surfing with his friend Daiki Suzuki, designer of Engineered Garments. Any other day of the week you’re free to explore the odds and ends of a vintage collector with a keen eye and frequent flier miles.

Extra, 10 Extra Place, New York, NY; 212-677-7465;

A less-than-direct screenprinted sign.

The ideal tote: Simple, unmarked, made from heavy wool.

New York's best selection of Post Overalls.

Copies of a hippie-era, Berkeley-based 'zine.

Magnifying glasses and welcome mats: Living-room staples.

Original Times morning edition. Something to do with men, moons, and rockets.

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