Friday Tastings: Redbreast 15-Year-Old Whiskey

Shameful.  Four months of Friday wassail, and not one Irish in the mix. We’re happy to make amends with this delectable new 15-year-old from Redbreast, makers of strapping, pure-pot-still (taking nothing from thinner-blooded, column-still distillates) Irish whiskey. Redbreast’s standard 12-year-old has long been a personal favorite—big, but with a gentle touch. Its older sibling is bigger still, if not quite gentler, for a bigger price ($75 as opposed to $40). It’s richer in timbre (whiskeys, like men, experience a few changes between the ages of 12 and 15); broader, with less honeycomb; and has more to say on the subjects of Oloroso sherry wood and American bourbon casks. We’re not picking one over the other so much as welcoming a new family member. As the best Irish whiskeys do, it seems to deliver just what you’re looking for in each sip, even if you didn’t know yourself. A theory we’ll put to the test in February, when we visit the Jameson Distillery (to atone more properly for our neglect).

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