Get Into a Pattern

Second in a week-long series of fast and easy ways to inject some color into your cold-weather wardrobe.

Clashing with panache: Band of Outsiders shirt, David Hart & Co. tie, gray flannel Nom de Guerre suit.

On any given day at the Gilt MAN offices, you’ll see plenty of navy, gray, and white. And for good reason: They’re classic colors that pretty much guarantee a spot-on shirt, tie, and jacket combo. But this week we’ve decided to break out of our comfort zone (and, well, follow our own advice) and broaden our palette. Brightly colored plaids are so often associated with seersucker- and Nantucket Red-addled summer soirees in the Hamptons that it might feel hard to incorporate them into your more muted winter wardrobe. Our own Andy Comer (above) shows how to match plaids of a louder ilk by anchoring your look in the color gray (and specifically here, gray flannel wool). From there, the most vibrant of colors will be tempered, as demonstrated here with a bright tartan tie and micro-plaid shirt. Note that no color on the shirt and tie matches exactly: a key point (and a big theme of this week’s series, as we saw yesterday). You get the same families of greens and purples, but no twins.

Another key matter: mixing patterns. As Mr. Comer shows below, an oversize-gingham shirt plays well off a more traditional (in pattern, not color) tie.

Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers shirt, David Hart & Co. tie.

Our final suggestion of the day relates to specific colors—they need not be of an electric nature. Red and blue make for a classic pairing that pops on a gray day, off a gray suit.

The author, flying the flag in a Steven Alan shirt and Alexander Olch tie.

Photos by Rose Callahan

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