For those who would question the author's credentials, we give you Jared Flint, former QB of the University of Hawaii Warriors, racing for a loss of three.

Something hit me the other day while I was being really super-productive and watching the Louisiana State University football team play Arkansas. Both coaches had shown up to the stadium hours earlier in suits, only to change into some hybrid Dunder Mifflin workout gear emblazoned with growling tigers and wild hogs before hitting the sidelines. Is this the only profession where you actually dress down when you get to the office? I mean, coaches aren’t actually playing, they don’t have to wear athletic gear. (Don’t even get me started on the in-game attire of baseball managers; see Connie Mack.) As the NFL playoffs get underway this weekend, we’re reminded of the way coaches used to roam the sideline, and wonder: Is there any style left in the NFL? I don’t just mean a Lombardi-mod mid-century kind of style, either. I mean Deion Sanders, the swagger of the ’80s Miami Hurricanes, the Boz.

I’ll be fielding questions and dissecting thoughts tomorrow on Facebook. Got a question about coaches’ or players’ style, on or off the field? Throw it my way. Hell, I’ll even tell you exactly who’s going to win the Super Bowl, and by what score. Actually, that may not happen, but I’m sure we’ll broach the topic of how the NFL needs a bit more of the Oregon Ducks’ uniform schizophrenia and a bit less of this. In the meantime, learn how to throw a spiral, already.

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