How to Clash with Panache

As our in-house English dandy Euan Rellie demonstrates to Tyler Thoreson, there's something to be said for a little well orchestrated fashion dysfunction.

Let’s face it: Matching is overrated — unimaginative, even. To help you bring some life into your look, we asked our in-house English dandy, Euan Rellie, for his advice on how to mix it up with wit and style. Confidence essential, British accent entirely optional.

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  1. Aeryk+ says:

    Just returning from four months abroad in Europe, it was not uncommon to see Europeans wearing clashing outfits. The difficulty was figuring out if they had style or simply did not know how to dress.

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  4. Omar says:

    i can out dress these boys in my sleep

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  6. matt says:

    lolz.. at least you have the confidence. Step 1 – check.

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