Lace 'Em Up

Last in our week-long series of fast and easy ways to inject some color into your cold-weather wardrobe.

A pair of Fracap mountaineering boots from Andy Comer's closet.

It’s often stressed that your shoes shouldn’t exactly match anything else you’re wearing… and that’s made easier by the fact that most of us are consistently pulling on brown or black shoes. They go with nearly everything, yet don’t seem to precisely match anything. Which is good. But winter’s a great time to expand your horizons and give your footwear arsenal a little more of a kick.

More and more we’re seeing stylish men on the streets of New York doing just that, by swapping out their standard-issue laces for boldly colored ones. It’s a move we endorse. Your best entry point: the classic alpine hiking boot. Many come with bright red or electric blue laces as is; and a deep, rich brown pair (like those shown above, which I happened to tip Mr. Comer off to) can be easily worn with a suit or with jeans. Versatility would be the word. Want to move on to less altitude- (and weather-) specific footwear? Try neon laces in light brown desert boots.

Looking for more ways to breathe some life into your winter wardrobe? Here’s our complete series of fast and easy tips.

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