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Morning Recon: Tokyo, London, and the Case for Jack Johnson

Every day we get up early to scan the web for the best in men's style. And then we go grab a coffee. After that, we sit down and bang out a blog post. Here it is.

Painted Prep.

In case you haven’t heard by now: Yes, work boots are a great way to get through winter. T suggests thick soles and thicker socks via The Moment.

Speaking of socks, FREE/MAN suggests these ones from Vanishing Elephant

The Selvedge Yard makes the case for the overdue pardon of boxing great Jack Johnson.

Gilt MANual contributor Michael Williams visits Tokihito Yoshida’s studio in Tokyo via A Continuous Lean and gets beyond the designers popular Barbour collaboration to shine some light on his own nearly-secret collection.

As we pointed out last week, tie jewelry can be a functional way to inject a little subtle (and functional) flash into your look. Here, Kempt offers its take with Three Rules of the same.

Unabashedly Prep spotlights painter Sergei Sviatchenko and his series of works, “Close Up and Private,” which focuses on the details of preppy menswear.

It’s cold and rainy in London, all the time. GQ’s Michael Hainey stops by the city’s Mackintosh store to investigate the capital of drizzle’s best rain gear.

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