Nice Knits

In case you missed our Facebook chat this afternoon (we’ll be doing them every Thursday at 1:00 pm ET, FYI, and invite you to join us), our friend Atif Kazmi, who presides over the very sharp and plugged-in Por Homme blog, pointed out one way to bring a little color to your wardrobe that we haven’t yet touched on in our ongoing series of daily cold-weather style tips: the knit hat. He directed us to this Japanese-made USN watch cap by The Real McCoy’s, which he endorsed “in a more vibrant color…Light gray and orange are in my regular rotation.” And he’s right: a simple, no-frills knit hat is a great way to add some tonal attitude to your morning commute (provided it doesn’t have one of those faux-baseball cap “brims” or a furry pom-pom resting atop it, and that you remove it once you enter the office, of course). Now I’m not much of a hat guy (I’ll just come out and say it: I don’t like to flatten my hair out on my way into work…So sue me), but with the ridiculously frigid weather we’re having here in the northeast I’ve been looking for a go-to lid. Mr. Kazmi’s comment got me and my colleague Jared Flint a-talkin’, and he showed me these very cool striped wool sailor’s caps by Saint James. Because it’s high time I got some cold-weather sense—not to mention some color.

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