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O Canada!

Done to Death impresario Chris Black shines a light on Toronto's new men's style landmarks.

Klaxon Howl is really well done. The perfectly picked vintage, the in-house brand, the hidden location, the military bunker vibe—it all just works.

Klaxon Howl, 694 Queen Street West, Toronto; 647-436-6628;

Art History has a pretty wild collection of vintage furniture, luggage, and knick-knacks. This table basically sums it up.

Art History, 1080 Queen Street West, Toronto;

Alden shoes and A.P.C. candles on display at Nomad—one of my favorite stores and a Toronto staple.

Nomad, 431 Richmond Street West, Toronto; 416-682-1107;

The Drake Hotel General Store stocks all kinds of great stuff—new and old. These vintage surfboard incense holders would look good just about anywhere.

The Drake Hotel General Store, 1144 Queen Street West, Toronto; 416-531-5042, ext. 101;

The Spice Trader and The Olive Pit sell every spice known to man. I was told to try their Black Cyprus Sea Salt, and it did not disappoint.

The Spice Trader and The Olive Pit, 877  Queen Street West M6J 1G5, Toronto; 647-430-7085;

Oysters iced and ready for shucking at Swan on Queen Street.

Swan, 790 Queen Street West, Toronto; 416-532-0452.

My dear friend Jamal recently opened a new bar called Unlovable. He spent months searching for all the furnishings and he totally nailed it. The "Shitty Cheers" sign compliments the original Star Wars pinball machine quite nicely.

Unlovable, 1415-B Dundas Street West; 416-532-6669.

The extremely trippy basement at Sonic Boom Records.

Sonic Boom Records, 512 Bloor Street West, Toronto; 416-532-0334;

Handmade moccasins from the 1900s and a mask made by the Haida Indians hang above a bed in my girlfriend's family cottage (yes, that's why I was in Canada in the first place) in Collingwood, Ontario.

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