Dispatches from Fall '11

Pesko's Pics: Belted Jackets

Our man in Paris brings you the best of the brand new men's collections.

It's a cinch: Louis Vuitton.

From the very first show in Milan (Corneliani, for those keeping track) I’ve been keeping my eye out for one specific piece—the belted jacket. I love it. The one at Corneliani (despite the pocket crest) was an opulent take on evening dress; Umit Benan’s houndstooth version flipped the bird to convention; and the quietly elegant jacket pictured here is from Paul Helber’s collection for Louis Vuitton. At Dior Homme belted jackets were a big statement, as well. The shawl lapel, the clean lines bereft of hard wear, and the general sense of the good—and easy—life these jackets convey is one of the things that has intrigued me most this season.

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  1. Jacques says:

    Are you joking? That pic looks like it was taken at a Chess King at a mall in the mid-80’s. This is the kind of thing everyone’s going to roll their eyes at in about 20 minutes, like nehru jackets or those hideous Vanilla Ice collarless blazers. And what’s with the tacky little pendant? Is that some kind of medal for being a twunt? Imagine going to a dinner and finding yourself at a table with a person in dress blues wearing a Purple Heart. This is the kind of foolishness that gives the idle rich a bad name. Well, it’s not the only thing. But this isn’t helping.

    PS- I just noticed the banded shirt collar. I want to head-butt myself in the face.

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