Dispatches from Fall '11

Pesko's Pics: Nanamica & Mackintosh

Our man in Firenze brings you the best of the Pitti Uomo trade show.

A fully wind- and waterproof duffel by Nanamica.

They say that creativity is spurred by limitations. Nowhere is that more true than in menswear. Case in point: duffel coats like the two here. Now duffel coats, in and of themselves, are not remarkable. I’d go so far as to call them ubiquitous, but when you make them completely waterproof, then it’s another story. This camel-colored version (above right) by Japanese cult label Nanamica looks standard enough until you realize that it’s made of a special cotton twill developed by Gore-Tex Japan to be windproof and waterproof. Then it’s downright mind-blowing. This handsome green number (below), on the other hand, is part of a special collection of jackets by the father of all raincoats, Mackintosh, called 104. The line has been designed to commemorate the opening of Mackintosh’s new London flagship (on January 19th), and shows that the Mac knows where it’s been and where it’s going. Two truly special pieces and innovative ways to solve the problem of looking good while staying dry. Also, a couple of reasons I’m continually psyched on this business.

The updated original: Mackintosh 104.

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