Dispatches from Fall '11

Pesko's Pics: Trussardi 1911 Accessories

Our man in Milano brings you the best of the brand-new men's collections.

You're with me, leather: Man bags at Trussardi 1911.

In Florence we saw Milan Vukmirovic’s all-leather tribute to the house’s centennial. And “all-leather” is no euphemism; we’re talking V-neck T-shirts, coats, pants, and probably socks all made of calf. It was Trussardi’s heritage taken to the absolute extreme. Mad Max I’m not; but the leather bags at today’s presentation in Milan (the city) were absolutely my speed. Also a speedy sell were the house’s sunglasses (below), introduced last season and in all-new styles at today’s showing. The rounded shapes and mixing of acetate and metal made for some seriously desirable specs. And the only non-leather piece on offer.

Making the rounds: Trussardi 1911.

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