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1974 Porsche Carrera Coupe

One member will get the chance to drive off in this iconic vintage ride. March 25 at noon ET. Only on Gilt MAN.

One of only 528 built that year. Scroll through the slideshow below for more photos.

• Year/type: 1974/used

• Make: Porsche

• Model: Carrera

• Body Style: Coupe

• Stock: 050404

• Mileage: 96,121

• Engine Size: 3.0 Liter

• Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

• Exterior Color: Yellow

• Interior Color: Black

• Vin: 9114400028

• Only 528 U.S. spec Carreras were built in 1974. This is one of them.

• Non-sunroof car. 1980 3.0 L block; 3.2 crank; 3.2 J&E pistons; 993 Sport camshafts; 3.2 L DME conversion with Autothority Mass Air kit; K&N filter; B&B stainless headers with S&S dual-in dual-out muffler.

• 1986 915 rebuilt transmission with LSD and Centerforce clutch. 930 Carrera rear suspension with 26mm Turbo torsion bars, Carrera trailing arms, new axles, and Bilstein sport shocks. 930 Turbo front suspension with 21mm torsion bars, 930 Turbo tie rods, Delrin bushings, and new ball joints. 964 four piston front calipers, 23mm master cylinder. Rear Carrera calipers. 930 Carrera fuel tank assembly, pump, filter, etc. 930 Turbo Fuchs 7’s and 8’s with new Dunlop SP8000 tires.

• The sport interior features restored gauges with a 10K tachometer, 930 leather seats, RSR door panels, rear seat delete, powder coated, bolt in rear roll bar with 3” 5 point cam lock belts. Sony CD, Rockford Fosgate amplifier, Component speakers in doors, 2 8” Subwoofers in the rear compartment. Approx. 290 HP, 2400-lb curb weight, which gives a power to weight ratio of 8.3lbs/HP. A 2004 Porsche GT3 with 381 HP and a weight of approx 3200 lbs has a ratio of 8.4lbs/HP. A very quick and great-handling Carrera.

• Front valance, oil cooler, “Carrera” decals, and ducktail recently professionally re-installed to return the car to its period-correct livery.

1974 Porsche Carrera Coupe, March 25 at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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  1. mhalgreen82 says:

    oh la la……… my fav porche

  2. Elvis says:

    how do i enter to win?

  3. Adam says:

    Yeah, how do I enter to win?

  4. Hao says:

    I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how do I win it???????

  5. Hao says:

    I want it!!!!!
    How do I win!?????

  6. Von says:

    Win? I think you have the wrong idea. It’s a sale.

  7. Ryan+ says:

    Yellow. I love old skool, yellow Porsches…even targas and 912’s…..

  8. Vik says:

    Banana mobile

  9. Michael says:

    Franken-car. Parts from very many different Porsches

  10. Benos says:

    what is the price for this amazing car?

  11. Benos says:

    how much is this amazing car?

  12. Robert says:

    If you’ve got to ask the price you’re not going to drive away with the thing.

  13. Mark says:

    SOMEONE……….Where do I sign up?

  14. Oliver says:

    come to me, baby ;)

  15. Tommy says:

    What a beautiful ride! Nice color for Summer :)

  16. Jacob says:

    It also on appears to be on ebay, but the miles on ebay are different….60,000 on there.

  17. James says:

    We can only hope that the price reflects the non-original engine, transmission…well, everything except the exterior, or so it seems.

  18. Rahmid says:

    I need this in my life…sigh!

  19. Tim says:

    I suddenly have a craving for a banana…

  20. Tim says:

    It’s been completely modded. What a shame that this nice collectible car has been turned into a Franken-Porsche. As a daily driver it would be nice, but as a true collectible not much value here. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

  21. William says:

    Given its mish-mash of parts from various years, I can only assume tha its overall quality is also mish-mash. Good luck folks, and don’t pay much for it.

  22. racercl says:

    These guys have no idea. This is a great, hot-rodded early 911. It’s not worth $60,000, but I’d pay $30,000 for it.

  23. erik says:

    wow! nice porsche. i want.

  24. Vahe says:

    mish mash of parts…not a collectible!

  25. Steven says:

    sawabba-I owned 66 and 74 911s . . . this one has the guns; I’ll have it!

  26. kaspar says:

    it’s an auction you idiots

  27. Rishabh says:

    would you do a trade in ;)

  28. null says:

    I’ll take it. I’ve had a few Porsche’s and they are by far my favorite sports car of all time.

    I hope to drive it hom!

  29. Justin says:

    I really don’t understand why all these people think it’s a giveaway… It’s a sale.

  30. Paul says:

    This would be a nice bookend for my 1984 Carrera with under 20,ooo original miles.

  31. Truman says:

    i see ME in that car, how do i enter to win it?

  32. Thomas says:

    Totally agree…they spent a lot of resources on this car, they should have just spent a little more or put in the correct pieces…I bet they want a ton of money for it…it is a great looking car and will give the new owner many fun miles…it will be interesting to see what it goes for…a very un-knowledgeable and cash rich person will get it and will not realize it until after the sale…too bad…

  33. Brian says:

    Concur. Fun little weekend rig. By no means a showpiece.

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