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Amar'e Shows Street Savvy, and More from New York Fashion Week

The most notable looks of the week and what you can learn from them.
Photo: Getty Images

Go Big or Go Home: Stoudemire steps out.

This week the fashion world descended on New York, sending style-minded folks atwitter and wreaking havoc on runways, red-carpets, and livers all across the city. With the dust still settling, we took a look back to see how the professionals hit the streets in style (or not). This is what we learned.

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  1. Douglas says:

    seriously, you don’t like Wyclef Jean but like Waris Ahluwalia?

  2. Kieran says:

    I love Wyclef too but it is because those sneakers blend into that suit. It looks matchy. If the suede on the shoe was a different color, it could work. It is monochromatic in the worst way.

  3. Jordan says:

    We had the pleasure of fitting Mr. Stoudemire with these vintage Dior shades from Silver Lining Opticians. They look great on him.

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