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Editor's Pick: Trovata Corduroy Shirt

For all the love that corduroy gets, I still think there is an under appreciation of the corduroy shirt. Pants? Sure. Jackets? Totally. But the cord shirt is a gaping hole in most men’s wardrobe. I’m not sure why it’s maligned, or overlooked, because it’s a great alternative to, say, a flannel. Or a denim shirt. Hell, wear it with a suit. Corduroy shirts are extremely versatile and handsome versions abound — you may have even noticed a stellar one right here on this page, by Trovata. A good rugged corduroy shirt will serve as a layering piece of substance for a long time. Long enough for Corduroy to “come back” three more times.

Trovata, on sale at Noon ET, on Gilt MAN.

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