Hang Man

If nothing else, some impressive trad-inspired layering.

Sometimes a deal can seem too good to be true. We’re a fairly savvy lot over here, and willing to shell out a hard-earned dime for some meticulously crafted goods. Hence, our initial trepidation upon discovering the American pop-culture-inspired Korean discount brand Hang Loose. But then we dug a little deeper, and discovered a few items that have more than piqued our interest. Specifically this wool down vest in a grainy gray and a trim pair of blood red trousers that strike a perfect autumnal hue. All coming in at reasonable price points. We haven’t had the chance to inspect these pieces in person just yet, so we can’t attest to their quality, but our fingers are crossed. Regardless, a quick browse gave us some layering inspiration as the temperature slowly creeps up to tolerable.

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  1. Joe says:

    So: how to convert sizing from South Korean to U.S.ian?

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