MANual Minute

Introducing… The Gilt MANual Minute

180+ seconds of style advice, attitude, and more—all for the price of 60.

We’re pleased to bring you the first in our brand-new series of weekly videos, the Gilt MANual Minute. As is our m.o. around here, we’re offering it to you at an amazing value—more than three minutes of reasonably informative and occasionally even entertaining video content for the price of one!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy it. Actually, we hope you do more than enjoy it. What we hope is that you’ll take a moment to send us an email and let us know how we might be of service. We can’t promise to address (let alone solve) every style dilemma we’re confronted with, but we can promise to take a few of our favorite queries and address ‘em on camera in next week’s video. Until then…

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  1. darren says:

    You’re back in videos! Thank God! I missed you from that “other” site. As always, you both are models of style.

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  3. Cheston says:

    Excellent video. I’ve been waffling on the perfect way to tie a scarf for years now. I would like to request some way to subscribe to this video series. Be it rss, email, or something else. I would just sub to the youtube channel, but I am not interested in all of Gilt’s videos. Please do this. I’ve tried and all I get are a registration dialog when I’m already logged in.

  4. Julio says:

    Awesome having you back. You guys have managed to create a very cool and unique blend of fashion, camaraderie and spirits, and it was sad to see you go from that other site. Keep up the good work you charming, sexy basterds!

  5. Tyler Thoreson says:

    Hey Cheston, thanks for the kind words. We’re going to get a podcast going next week. Stay tuned…

  6. Noah says:

    What’s the blazer on Josh?

  7. Josh says:

    The blazer is from the good people at Isaia. They make some of the best soft shouldered jackets in the business.

  8. null says:

    I have a football player’s frame; barrell chested, huge shoulders and big legs. 48 chest, 17.5 neck, 36/37 sleeve, 38 waist. (Oddly, I’m not into sports.) I’m having a lot of trouble finding a few blazers and Steven Alan type shirts that fit right. Imagine that…So I’m asking for some guidance. I’d love to to look as great as you both. Thank you for the endless fashion insight. It’s refreshing to see your videos again.
    P.S. Do you wanna drink some grappa on camera?

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