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Is God Italian?

Photo: The Italian Cut

Molto Marcello.

Ever get tired of all the endless B&W photos of Marcello Mastroianni stalking the sets of La Dolce Vita or Fellini barking orders over the hallowed grounds of Cinecittá? Nah, neither do we. Add to those a well-curated treasure trove of the best in Italian design, from watches to cars to blazers to—well, especially—women, and you have an approximation of the amazingness that is the new-ish tumblr The Italian Cut. If you’re anything like us, one stop here and you’ll spend an entire lunch hour scrolling through the street style shots and pondering the incredible injustice of not being born Italian in the early half of the last century (so that you could live in a Fellini movie, stay draped in bespoke Italian threads, and brood through a tempestuous love affair with Monica Vitti, of course). According to the site’s thesis, God is Italian, so we’re taking it up with him.

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