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Photo: Courtesy of Isaia

One of the Neapolitan label's exquisitely constructed blazers.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the street style photos snapped around the Fall ’11 shows—and we know that you have—you’ve noticed a certain coral pin affixed to the lapels of stylish jetsetters from Pitti Uomo to Paris. That little touch of swag is the logo and talisman for Neapolitan sartorial stalwart Isaia, a brand we’re excited to be carrying on Gilt MAN today. Bright red like the famous tomatoes grown on the foothills of Vesuvius, the logo was chosen by Enrico Isaia to represent the “archaic strength and fervent passion” of his namesake brand. Traits which both can be attributed to the man who turned the small drapery shop he opened in 1920 into one of the most respected tailored menswear brands in the world. In 1957 Enrico moved his business to the storied tailoring hub of Casalnuovo, where he opened a workshop employing just a few of the town’s 7,500 listed tailors (a number that accounted for half the population of the small hamlet). From that point on, the family-owned label has pioneered the use of color, pattern, and texture in its classically cut jackets and pants. First exported in 1989, the label had caused a considerable (and understandable) stir by the time it washed up on our friendly shores in 1992. With a Milano flagship designed by James Irvine now open and the forward-thinking Gianluca Isaia (Enrico’s grandson) leading the brand into the 21st century, the Neapolitan secret is out, and Isaia joins the pantheon of the world’s great tailored menswear designers.

Isaia, on sale today at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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