Jesse Eisenberg

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Mister Eisenberg at This Year's Screen Actors Guild Awards

Bruce Pask: Jesse Eisenberg is a good candidate for a classic look from our very American Thom Browne. Whether from his Black Fleece Brooks Brothers label or his own collection, I think a slightly shorter jacket and slender pant would really look great on Jesse, giving him a more grown-up JFK look while still appreciating that he is a young man. Single-breasted tux, (three or two buttons is fine), pleated bib front tux shirt, and bow tie. But my one caveat: the pants should not be the creek-crossing highwaters that Mr. Browne favors, but should have the slightest, tiniest break in the crease. My other choice here would be a Band of Outsiders tuxedo—great slender proportions that Jesse would look great in.

Brad Goreski: Oh, I’d go with Band of Outsiders for him. Just keep in young and cool, slim and well fitted.

Madeline Weeks: He’s a great looking guy. I’d like to see him in something hipper like a Band of Outsiders tux, maybe with one of their pleated tuxedo shirts and a skinny bow tie. Maybe I’d even put him in navy.

Ilaria Urbinati: Definitely a classic mod black Dior Homme for him—it’s great for that hip skinny guy and would look rad on him in a good Reservoir Dogs way. And actually I would go tie on him. He’s the exception to my rule because he’s young and the town’s cool nerd right now.

Ellen Mirojnick: Tux: Narrow peak lapel w/ strong shoulder. White, perfectly folded, pocket square. Shirt: Crisp white, jet spread collar, covered placket. Single French cuff with colored links. Neck: Textured long black tie with silver toned tie bar. Shoe: Simple black lace-up.

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