Johnny Depp

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Mister Depp at the 2011 Golden Globes

Bruce Pask: Johnny Depp is the wild card. Always in his own world, and we like it like that. Very much. I would tell him to lay off the eyeliner a bit, but I think the rest: hair, beard scruff is up to him. I do like his style and I think he should express it, but in a red-carpet appropriate way, respectful of the decorum (okay, maybe it has gotten a bit permissive of late) of the event. Maybe something by John Galliano, a swaggering jacket in dark satin even. I’m reluctant to impose an aesthetic on him because I am always so interested in what he turns up in. One suggestion: if anyone can pull of a velvet evening slipper with his tux, this is our man. Deep burgundy.

Brad Goreski: I’d hook him up with Michael Bastian—a plaid jacket with a shawl collar and a black pant—still keeping it his thing but just cleaning it up a bit. Lanvin would also be great for him.

Madeline Weeks: Oh he looks so good in Tom Ford. He’s so eccentric and gorgeous with his long hair and he’s been looking so good in the three-piece suits from Tom Ford he’s been wearing and I wouldn’t change that. I like the three piece—maybe even in brown silk—but he could even look great in a very fitted double-breasted tux by Tom Ford.

Ilaria Urbinati: There’s a photo of Depp on the cover of Esquire from a few years back where he’s wearing a 3-piece perfectly fitted Freeman’s custom suit and he looks amazing. Like hot, old school Depp. I’d love to see him in something like that again.

Ellen Mirojnick: Tux: Deep burgundy velvet dinner jacket, a small, black dot silk pocket square. Black tux trousers. Shirt: Open neck, wing collar with white fine pleat front shirt. Neck: Open. Shoe: Velvet slippers with skull and cross-bone crest.

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