Know Your Terms: Dainite

Because dropping the lingo is half the fun of dressing well.

The Dainite studded sole

It’s the day after a big snow and the sidewalks are like a slip’n’slide, but life goes on. So, what’s a man to wear on his feet? Leather soles are too slippery, and you can forget about crepe unless you don’t mind bouncing to work on your backside—rubber soles, my friends, are the way to go. If you are like us, a pair of Chucks is a mite bit underdressed for the office, so we suggest a boot (or wingtip) with a dainite sole. Produced by the Harboro rubber company in England since 1894, Dainite is the, ahem, sole provider of these unique studded rubber soles, which got their name from the mills which run ‘day and night.’ Lately, a preponderance of these badboys has begun to cause a bit of ‘Kleenex syndrome’—with a brand name coming to be the byword for the product—but in this case we’d insist on the real deal.

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