Matt Damon

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Mister Damon at the 2010 Academy Awards

Bruce Pask: All-American guy. I would just say to keep it classic. He’s a bit broad so I would say to stick with the peak lapel single-breasted model. Bow tie. No straight tie. Armani could be great here, Burberry too. Both are good fits with traditional tuxes in their repertoire. Maybe a patent leather lace up here could give a bit of a shine.

Brad Goreski: I would definitely go classic with him. Armani. Or maybe Cucinelli. Something a little luxe.

Madeline Weeks: I love Matt Damon. He could look great in Gucci. It would put him a little bit away from everyone else. I know he wears a lot of Armani and that is a great look for him, but I would like to see him in Gucci or Prada even.

Ilaria Urbinati: Damon’s a little more conservative for his age. I’d love to see him do something a little younger and modern. Again, I’d go to my tried and true Burberry, or maybe Prada and just keep it a super clean and super lean.

Ellen Mirojnick: Tux: Perfectly tailored, one button peak lapel with a perfectly folded white pocket square. Shirt: Crisp classic white, semi spread collar, pique bib front with classic black studs. French cuff with a black link. Neck: Classic black bow tie. Shoe: Simple black lace-up.

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