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One Plus One Equals Zero

Photo: Getty Images

But on the bright side, cool glasses!

Setting aside whether middle-aged men who regularly find themselves in the vicinity of a camera ought to dabble in sack suits, this pic of Aaron Sorkintaken at yesterday’s Academy Awards luncheon in Hollywood–provides a fine occasion to address the topic of suit coat buttoning. And when it comes to that bottom button, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter should’ve taken the advice of that other eighties-era Hollywood fixture, Frankie. As in: Relax, don’t do it. Please don’t take this too hard, Aaron, you’re normally a reasonably dapper guy. The dude who wrote The Social Network is allowed a sartorial Studio 60 moment now and again.

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  1. Tyler Thoreson says:

    I beg to differ but am open to being corrected. Please explain further, good sir.

  2. Ric says:

    That whole ensemble is dreadful. His tie has sagged, his shirt is wrinkled, the coat collar gaps, the coat sleeves are too long, the shirt sleeves are too short, and my God what are those bulges in is pockets? Is he stealing bottles from the table? I don’t even notice the bottom button.

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