In my view, to be a living, breathing, style-conscious male is to be a Porsche fan. (Note: I said POR-sha, not PORSH.) I’ve been one since I was about three, when my aunt Lois gave me one of the oversized keys to her 914 as a gift. I was obsessed with car keys at the time (don’t ask), and the black plastic-adorned number that brought her Porsche to life was a talisman of exotic wonder compared to the pathetic little piece of tin that opened the doors of my mom’s Buick.

Nowadays, my appreciation for the brand goes beyond oversized black keys (I think even Buicks have those) to what happens when you put said key in the ignition. I spent a very enjoyable day at Porsche Driving School researching that very topic a couple years ago, and upon my return resolved to pick up a rear-engined flat-six screamer of my own one day—vintage. Our latest Gilt MAN Finds sale—which features the bright yellow 1974 Porsche Carrera you see above—may well be my moment. Unless, of course, you beat me to it.

Gilt MAN Finds: 1974 Porsche Carrera, on sale today at noon ET.

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