As our climate begins its long-awaited shift into spring, the sartorially restless among us look for ways to break our breezier wardrobe items out of storage—and find ourselves confronted with a fresh range of style dilemmas. Foremost among them: What’s a guy to wear as an outer layer when it’s getting too warm out for the down-filled parka or heavy wool topcoat that’s gotten you through winter, but still just brisk enough that casually throwing a scarf on with your sports jacket and calling it a day feels like a stretch? I submit this extra-fine wool, cotton-lined coat by Jack Spade as a solid answer. Its muted olive brown plaid pattern and trim fit—not to mention its waterproofed wool shell—will ease you into the spring with basic functionality and can’t-miss style securely on your back.

Jack Spade, on sale today at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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