Today marks the official opening of office gambling season: college basketball’s March Madness. And while we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out exactly how sixty-eight teams whittle down to two (answer: four “play-in” games) and why Oakland University isn’t in Northern California (answer: no one knows!), you’ve got the opportunity to really get in on the action. Gilt MAN has teamed up with GameDay Sports to offer tickets, in a variety of price ranges, to the East Regionals and the Final Four in Houston, Texas. Can’t make the road trip? No worries, as we’ve also partnered with legendary sports memorabilia dealer Steiner Sports to offer some classic vintage pieces. Pieces like LeBron James’s signed Heat jersey are great but, personally, the Magic Johnson goods get my nod. Growing up with the showtime Lakers, and with a childhood collection of Sports Illustrateds, this signed cover from Johnson’s triumphant championship win over Larry Bird and Indiana State is a timeless precursor to a decade-long rivalry to come.

College Basketball Fever: NCAA Tournament Tickets and Sports Memorabilia, on sale today at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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