Full Disclosure: Oliver Peoples makes my favorite sunglasses. I have more pairs than anyone with two eyes (and 20/20 vision) should own. But I don’t care, I’m going to keep buying them. Why? Because Peoples has been innovating since forever, and I never get tired of them. Putting on a pair after a few months or years is like (tintedly) seeing an old friend. The Hollis style you see here is just one of those old friends; a Wayfarer style that closely resembles those worn by the Don of wayfarers, Roy Orbison. They are solidly constructed, with minimal branding down at the curve of the arm, and they will never, ever go out of style. In short, they have gravity. The black and blue might be aggressive for some, but that’s why we have them in more conventional tortoise options as well. But for me, it’s about the full Orbison. I just hope I can do one of the coolest men of all time justice when I wear them.

Oliver Peoples, on sale today at noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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