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Editor's Pick: Tommy John

We traditionally reserve Editor’s Picks for items that passersby will notice and friends will envy–in other words, stuff that’s worn in full view of the public. But today we’re feeling introspective, so we’re taking a look at a piece of clothing that’s designed never to be seen: the undershirt. Of all benefits of the genre, maintaining a svelte silhouette is typically not one of them. The front blousing caused by the cotton numbers you pick up in three-packs can turn a crisp Tom Ford look into a Michael Flatley pirate jam before lunch. Enter Tommy John’s aptly named Second Skin collection, which hugs your body and stays tucked in thanks to something called “Tailored Stretch Technology.” How does it work, exactly? Hey, we’re fashion guys, not engineering majors, but if it helps keep your undershirt as it should be — invisible — who are we to question?

Want to know more? Check out Tommy John on Gilt MAN at Noon ET.

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