Going Green, In Moderation

What shoes go best with dark green pants? (Hint: Just because Gay Talese shells out for green Domenico Vaccas doesn't mean you have to as well.)

Photo: Art Tavee

Italian dandy meets Norwegian toe.

I recently bought a pair of Acne dark green chinos. Now I’m thinking of what shoes would go with them?

Congrats on the purchase, and on your shopping technique. Buy the pants and worry about the footwear later: That’s what I say. Well, I don’t actually say that, but I think it. Regularly.

While you could follow Gay Talese’s lead and pick up a pair of green lace-ups—like these amazing olive green Norwegians from Domenico Vacca, above, which Mr. T acquired to complement to his suede-enhanced green tweed suit (I’m pretty sure he bought the suit first)—I’d recommend going with something a little more versatile. Fact is, a dark green pair of Acnes will go with just about any color of shoe—from oxblood wingtips to a classic pair of black oxfords (like the Antonio Maurizis that go on sale at Gilt MAN Thursday, March 24 at noon ET) to a pair of cognac-colored chukkas from Grenson you’ll find on Gilt MAN next Thursday, the 31st. The way I see it, every new pair of pants should provide an excuse to go out and buy a new pair of shoes.

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