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Jake's Wide Appeal

Photo: Getty Images

Gyllenhaal at the 'Source Code' Premiere, Los Angeles.

Today’s Lesson: Okay, it’s time. To widen your horizons—and your tie. Remember: If you’re wearing a notch lapel suit jacket, like Jake here, you can afford to take a walk on neckwear’s wider side. Consider a knit tie in a ’70s scale. Mr. Gyllenhaal, who wears a chambray button-down throughout Source Code, goes in for a similarly calendared shirt. (For the record, we’d have opted for a slightly larger tie knot to stand up to the size of the shirt’s collar.)

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  1. null says:

    “If you’re wearing a notch lapel suit jacket (…) you can afford to take a walk on neckwear’s wider side.”

    The type of lapel has nothing to do with whether you should wear a narrow or wide tie.

    As a rule, your tie should roughly match your lapel width.

    In this picture, his combination is completely imbalanced. His tie is much too wide for the width of his lapel. That lapel is probably 2.5-3″ wide while that tie is definitely 3.5-3.75″.

    Do not imitate this!

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