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Mike Tyson: Biting Nobody's Style

Photo: Getty Images

The Champ in top form.

Today’s Lesson: While most retired athletes compete to see who can sport the most garishly oversized tie knot, (we’re looking at you, Sterling Sharpe), Iron Mike proves that sometimes an understated path–via black turtleneck and glen plaid blazer–is all you need to need to win this fight. Bonus points for not going the oft-tread ex-jock route of baggy fits.

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  1. Docks says:

    This is something I’ve noticed for awhile as well. Iron Mike has not only taken pains to keep his body in shape, but his image as well. Every time I’ve seen him on television or in a film, he’s been in fairly form-fitting clothing that compliments his skin tone quite naturally. Simplistic, even tasteful.

  2. James says:

    Man, he really looks good. Love that look for him.

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