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Morning Recon: Stallone Draws First Blood, Forrest Gump Keeps Running, and More

Every day we get up early to scan the web for the best in men's style. And then we go grab a coffee. After that, we sit down and bang out a blog post. Here it is.

Sly Style circa Rambo, First Blood.

Still searching for the perfect bandana and quiver? WWD drops the news that Sylvester Stallone is coming out with a “guy’s guy” line in 2012. Also, J. Crew C.E.O. Mickey Drexler signs a contract extension through 2015. [subscription required]

Forbes notes that as many wealthy Japanese citizens prepare to leave their devastated homeland they are buying John Lobbs.

Amid the snow, sleet, and hail, Time gets us in the mood for spring with some incredible pictures by Justin Maxon.

Refinery 29 picks the best of the blogs… and really, it was an honor just to be nominated…

The New York Times reports that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana may face charges for tax evasions on income up to $1 billion, shows us how two streetwear brands are going to the next level, and features MANual contributor David Coggins as its poster boy for “American Rustic,” which is now officially a trend.

The Telegraph names Forrest Gump the greatest film character of all time.

And Dwell senior editor Aaron Britt demos a wide array of brand new cutting-edge furniture.

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