What to Wear with Your Blue Suede Shoes

The men behind Gilt MANual answer your most pressing style questions.

I have a pair of blue suede loafers. I am always looking for unique ways to match them. Any tips?

Picking up a pair of blue suede loafers this spring is a great idea. In fact, suede footwear in any color should be at the top of your “I need to get me some of those” list, provided that color is vibrant. As far as unique ways to match them? Well, here’s the short answer: Don’t bother. These shoes should be the stand-out item of your look—providing some much needed springtime levity—and as such they should not be matched. No matter the tone (cobalt, navy, or teal), your pants should probably be lighter than the shoes. Faded jeans, white pants, or chinos would be the way to go. Maybe an unstructured blazer. I know it sounds conservative, but it makes the footwear that much more subversive. Alternately, wear some other color that doesn’t match at all, but is complementary, like orange; that will raise a couple of eyebrows. In approval. But whatever you decide, remember to wear it with confidence.

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