Photo: Steven Rojas

Thoreson and Comer, living the Grand Life NYC.

Not to get all self referential, but… here’s a sneak peak at our next MANual Minute, which we shot this afternoon in the Club Room of the Soho Grand. This week’s topic? One man’s take on the ultimate outfit for a night on the town. The occasion? Part two in our series of three Sean Avery-curated sales, in which our favorite New York Ranger picks his favorite looks for a night out. The talent? Gilt MAN executive editor Andy Comer, who’s a case study in how to rock a suit because you want to–and not because you have to. Look for the actual video on Friday morning, and the next Avery sale on Friday at noon ET. And look for Mr. Josh Peskowitz’s return to the spotlight next Friday, March 25. (While we’re on the topic of Pesko, allow me to put in a plug for his newly created Twitter handle: @jpeskowitz. Follow him!)

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